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There are many reasons why Smile NW hygiene centre should be your number one choice when it comes to hygiene services in North London. Our hygienists are very experienced and we are open for your convenience with evening and Sunday appointments available. Book today

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Smile NW, The Walk In Dental Hygiene Centre Servicess

Each of our hygienists are qualified and trained to the highest standards possible, so you can relax and rest assured that you’re in safe hands. What’s more, every member of staff is warm, welcoming and friendly. We know that a trip to the hygienist isn’t always the most relaxing of experiences, so we do whatever we can to make the visit that more enjoyable. We use numbing gel if needed and patients can request sedation.

Our Out of Hours Dentist Provide Emergency Dental Treatment and Dental Hygiene in the North London Area. Call 0208 458 2333

Here at Smile NW we understand that circumstances can happen at any given moment and we believe an Out of Hours Dentist service is paramount to our clients. Emergency Dental Treatment is on hand so you can be assured you will be seen by our Emergency Dentist at the most important moments

Stain Removal

There are many factors that can contribute to tooth staining. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Coffee, tea, wines, smoking, ageing.

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Fresh Breath Clean

There can be many reasons why someone may suffer from bad breath. One of the most common causes of bad breath comes from the smelly gases released from the bacteria that coat your teeth, gums and tongue.

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Comprehensive Clean

It is important to know where the bone levels are around each tooth. More bone means the tooth will be more stable with long term functionality.

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Smokers Clean

Smoking can lead to many oral issues including tooth staining, tooth loss, gum disease and in more severe cases mouth cancer.

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Duo Teeth Whitening Package

We use the leading teeth whitening brand Enlighten. This includes two trays specifically moulded by an Enlighten laboratory, 14 nights of gel and a visit for in surgery whitening of 45 minutes.

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Brace Clean

Often cement and glue will be left on your teeth once the braces have been removed. Our hygienists will ensure that every last bit is removed and that teeth are left shining.

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