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Smile NW Stain Removal

Using our state of the art stain removal machine.


15 mins

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Smile NW Fresh Breath Clean

Ultasonice clean and stain removal.


30 mins

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Smile NW Comprehensive Clean

A deep clean with a bone level check and stain removal plus oral hygiene instruction.


45 mins

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Smile NW Smokers Clean

Stains will be removed from every nook and cranny of your teeth using our high tec air flow machine as well as plaque and tartar removal with the ultrasonic machine.


60 mins

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Smile NW Duo Teeth Whitening Package

We use the leading teeth whitening brand Enlighten. This includes two trays specifically moulded by an Enlighten laboratory, 14 nights of gel and a visit for in surgery whitening of 45 mins.

This also includes a tooth serum which reduces sensitivity. Guaranteed results.

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Smile NW Brace Clean

We will carry out a deep clean on your teeth and remove any stains that may have been caused due to the braces.


45 mins

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